Used VS. Certified Pre-Owned — What's the Difference?

"What's the difference between a used and certified pre-owned vehicle?" is a common question that car buyers ask. Well, Devon Nissan is here to help clear the mystery! While both options pertain to models previously owned, their advantages vary. Below is a brief outline that makes it easy to understand what you can expect with each.


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Used Cars, Trucks, and SUVs

  • Your choices for a used car, truck, or SUV is not limited to a single brand—in this case, Nissan
  • Used vehicles are more affordable and are oftentimes offered at bargain prices
  • Insurance rates are also much lower, reducing the overall cost

Certified Pre-Owned Nissan

  • Every certified pre-owned Nissan undergoes a 160-point inspection
  • The CPO program includes a 7-Year/100,000-Mile Warranty backed by the factory
  • Additional benefits like a SiriusXM Satellite Radio trial subscription are included as well

These factors are largely what differentiate a used vehicle from a certified pre-owned vehicle. The major takeaway in this: buying a used vehicle is a more economical route because the overall cost to own is more affordable; meanwhile, buying a certified pre-owned Nissan comes with greater reassurance because quality-assurance checks and supportive plans are included as a standard.

The easiest way to compare used and certified pre-owned models are to test them out, so if you are still not sure which route to take, we encourage you to visit our Nissan dealership in Devon, Pennsylvania. We can give you more information about specific cars, trucks, and SUVs, and will be happy to accompany you for a test drive. That way, you can select the offer that satisfies you most, and our experts can help you through the financial process personally. With the help of Devon Nissan, you can make an informed decision on your next automotive purchase.

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